Tobacco use causes more deaths than those caused by HIV, illegal drug use, motor vehicle injuries, suicides and murders combined. Still need more reasons?
Try these:

  • You will dramatically reduce your chances of a heart attack by 50% within three years after quitting smoking.
  • You will reduce your risk of cancer by 50% for every year after you quit.
  • You will have more time for yourself (instead of taking cigarette breaks, rushing out to buy a pack).
  • You will feel better and have more energy.
  • Your breathing will be better and you won’t be coughing as much.
  • You will make your spouse, partner, friends, family, kids, grandchildren, and co-workers proud.
  • You will be setting a better example for your children.
  • You will look better. Smoking makes your skin wrinkle.

The fact that you’re here is a good sign. You’re probably sick of smoking, and unhappy enough to be seeking out help. Good for you, because when it comes to overcoming the addiction to tobacco, education and self-awareness is the key. The more you understand about how smoking affects you and what to expect as you wean yourself away from it, the better prepared you’ll be for success.


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This page last updated Nov 28, 2016