Pulmonary Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Medical Group-professional

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OUR CLINICAL FOCUS: Diagnosing and treating pulmonary diseases
(age 16 and up)


OUR SPECIALITY: Pulmonary medicine and tobacco dependence



Dr. Sachs is available for clinical consult and referrals from other health professionals. Call +1-650-282-5950 to see how Dr. Sachs and his staff can be of most help to you.


Scientific Consultative Services:

Dr. Sachs and his staff are available to help you design clinical trials for your new products or devices, so that they pass FDA scrutiny.


Dr. Sachs has had over 25 years of experience helping companies do just that.


Directions to our office – click here.


We want to help you improve your health. Call us to get started: (650)282-5950
This page last updated Nov 28, 2016