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OUR CLINICAL FOCUS: Diagnosing and treating pulmonary diseases
(age 16 and up)


OUR SPECIALITY: Pulmonary medicine and tobacco dependence


bullets_blue Our Services:

We are a private medical practice that diagnoses and treats adult patients with pulmonary diseases and tobacco dependence using current effective treatment.


For a comprehensive view of our practice and services, click here.


For an overview of our treatment program for pulmonary medical problems (other than tobacco related) click here.


For an overview of our treatment program for tobacco dependence, click here.



bullets_blue Our Staff:

We are highly-trained professionals in pulmonary medicine who have helped thousands of individuals improve their health.



Our Office, appointments, information & policies:

Give us a call at (650) 282-5950 to make an appointment in our office. We are at 2500 Hospital Drive, Building 4, Suite #4B, Mountain View, CA 94040-4110 USA.


Directions to our office – click here.


For a complete packet of information about office hours, scheduling, billing and other aspects of our practice, click here.


Testimonials from our patients:

We have helped individuals end their dependence on tobacco for over thirty years. Read their comments about the program and their new life without tobacco. Also see several articles about Dr. Sachs’s treatment programs in national and local publications. Click here for testimonials.

We want to help you improve your health. Call us to get started: (650)282-5950
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