“Today’s Smokers More Addicted to Nicotine” Forbes TehranTimes

An interview with Dr. Sachs on nicotine addiction at a 15 year high.
Reported in Tehran Times (October 30, 2008) and also reported in Forbes (October 27, 2008-link no longer available).

Tehran article



“Smokers nicotine dependence rises, complicates quitting”

A report on Dr. Sachs’s research showing that smokers are more dependent on nicotine.
Mitchel L. Zoler, Chest Physician (December, 2008).
PDF (1.1MB)



“Quit Smoking: make this the year you break the habit” Women's Day

Includes remarks by Dr. Sachs with suggestions on how to end an individual’s dependence on nicotine.
Women’s Day (February, 2007).
Woman’s Day article



“Smoke Free in St. Helena”

An interview with Dr. Sachs on his use of prescription medicines for individuals with tobacco dependence.
Sam Whiting, San Francisco Chronicle Magazine (September 11, 2005).
PDF (6.34MB)



“Leading Question”

Dr. Sachs is interviewed on his innovative treatment plan for ending tobacco dependence.
Bob Frost, San Jose Mercury News (April 25, 1999).
PDF (3.55MB)



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