If you’re like most cigarette smokers, you want to stop smoking. Maybe you desperately want to stop smoking. And, you’ve tried to stop – more than once and said to yourself, “I’ve failed, again.” No, you did not fail. Your treatment plan failed you! Now, develop a treatment plan that will work for you. So if you are thinking about stopping smoking, or you love someone whom you would like to help stop smoking, read on. Also, you will find the two short videos here helpful Click here for video clips of Dr. Sachs talking about nicotine addiction and how it drives your smoking. They will help you re-frame why continuing to smoke, when you don’t want to, is so easy and why stopping smoking can be so hard.

Here are DrLung’s™ suggestions for anyone thinking about stopping smoking:


  1. Acknowledge that trying to quit “cold turkey” isn’t going to work.
    • If you’ve tried to stop smoking before but smoking now, “cold turkey” won’t work – you’ve been there; done that! If you have never tried to stop smoking before, and your physical level of nicotine dependence, using the tried-and-true FTND scale, is 2 or fewer points (Click here to take the Nicotine Addiction Test, or FTND) then “cold turkey”, particularly if augmented with a 6-12 week course of standard nicotine path or nicotine gum, could work very well for you. But, if you’re like most cigarette smokers these days, you are either highly nicotine dependent (FTND score 5-10 points) or moderately nicotine dependent (FTND score 3-4 points). “Cold turkey” just will not work for you – no matter how much will power you have. You will need much more than will power. And remember, quitting “cold turkey” has the lowest success rate of any course of action.
  2. Tell your spouse and family that this time you are committed to stopping – you mean it. You want to be around for them!
    • Think of it as the most important promise you have ever made.
  3. Seek professional medical help from a physician trained in diagnosing and treating tobacco dependence.
    • If you have an FTND score of 3-10, you need professional, medical help from a knowledgeable physician to develop, with you, a treatment plan that will work for you!
  4. Work with that physician to create an effective treatment plan, set a timetable, and revise the treatment plan, with your physician, as you make progress to make it even more effective.
    • And remember stopping smoking is a process, not an event.
  5. Face your facts: This will take effort, but guess what? Stopping smoking can be painless.
    • If you have developed an effective stop-smoking treatment plan with that knowledgeable physician, you will be able to stop smoking without the pain. Guaranteed.
  6. Start the treatment process and stick with it.
    • Remember one of Sir Winston Churchill’s most famous lines: “We shall never surrender.”
  7. The first step is to find out how addicted you are.

If you know of someone who has tried and has been unable to stop smoking, click here to find a knowledgeable physician in your area who can provide effective tobacco-dependence treatment or call +1-650-282-5950. We’ll be happy to help you get started. We want to help you improve your health.™





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This page last updated Nov 28, 2016